Daniëlle Kolleman
Turned smiles on faces of the 150 residents diagnosed with dementia

What is your project about?

The SB&A Sales department decided to spend one CSR day as a team. We reached out to several foundations and offered our support. We gathered the feedback and decided to divided the group in two big groups. We selected two activities to choose from, to make sure everybody could choose an activity they felt most comfortable in.

Why did you choose this project?

It is a great teambuilding activity and we could make a contribution to the local community.

What did you do?

The first group of 30 spend a CSR afternoon on Friday 14 September at “Florence ‘t Gulden Huis” in The Hague. When we arrived we had a short introduction by the manager of the nursing home. He talked about the history of the home and the residents. ‘t Gulden Huis is a nursing home with 150 residents, most of them diagnosed with dementia. We baked cookies, went for a big wheelchair walk, manicured and we ended with a traditional Dutch Bingo afternoon with great prizes.

The second group of 25 spend a CSR afternoon on Friday 21 September at the Kids Gardens “de Boterbloem” and “de Zonnebloem” in Delft. When they arrived they had a short introduction about the foundation by the volunteers of the Kids Garden. We painted a shed, dug holes, moved fertilizer from one place to the other and have cut down some trees. The fact that many volunteers maintain this ground on a daily basis so that children can learn the value of organics, plants, fruits and vegetables, is amazing.

What are the results?

Great teambuilding activity, turned smiles on the faces of 150 residents of a nursing home and burned calories in the Kidsgarden!

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