Our alliances

Collaboration with our business community is essential for a strong relationship.


Our alliances

Over the years Exact has successfully invested in building and maintaining alliances with numerous organizations worldwide. The trusted relationships we have with these partners are key factors that enable us to provide high quality products and support services.

We are proud to be working with the following organizations. Together we help you improve your business.

Our Alliances - Logo - Microsoft

Exact and Microsoft have been strategic partners for more than a decade. This relationship is unique in that both companies firmly believe that customers can greatly boost their productivity by working with user-friendly integrated solutions. Many Exact solutions are built both with and upon Microsoft platforms.

Visit Microsoft.com

Our Alliances - Logo - Business Objects

Exact and SAP Business Objects have been trusted partners for many years. Customers with above-average reporting needs can benefit from SAP Business Objects' advanced reporting solution Crystal Reports, which is embedded in Exact Globe Next and available as an add-on for the standard product.

Visit SAP.com

Our Alliances - Logo - Rabobank

Exact and Rabobank's unique partnership integrates online banking with online bookkeeping. For Exact users with a Rabo Internetbankieren Pro account, banking transactions appear automatically in their bookkeeping solution and their payments appear automatically in their online banking environment.

Next to the Rabobank we also integrate with ING and ABNAMRO, for both banking transactions automatically in the bookkeeping solution.

Exact & Rabobank integration (NL) Visit Rabobank.nl (NL)

Rackspace Logo

Exact's partnership with Rackspace servers to offer our customers the best experience with Exact. Rackspace provides the Cloud infrastructure consisting of a series of web servers, database systems and network components. Rackspace is both ISO 27002 (formerly also known as ISO 17799) and ISAE 3402 Type II certified.

Visit Rackspace.co.uk

Qlik Logo

Exact and Qlik have teamed up to deliver a best-of-breed Business Intelligence and Data Discovery solution giving our customer more insight leading to better decision making and seeing opportunities from every angle. The solution is fully integrated into Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and Exact Financials and is available as an add-on.

Visit Qlik.com

Progress Logo

Exact and Progress are strategic partners with a long history together. Exact has built its software solutions on Progress technology and databases for over two decades. Exact Financials is built both with and upon Progress technology.

Visit Progress.com

Scansys Logo

Exact and Scan Sys have joined forces in the field of digital invoice handling. Exact customers can integrate Scan Sys’s digitization capabilities into their Exact solution, enabling them to take full control of the flow of invoices in your company.

Visit Scansys.eu/

outperform Logo

Exact and Outperform joint deliver forecasting and sales & operations planning solutions, which provides companies the information to make the right decisions, every day, and at every level of their organization.

Visit 2outperform.com

Optimizer Logo

Exact has entered into a cooperation agreement with certified and development partner Optimizers. In the agreement it has been laid down that EDI Gateway of Optimizers will from now on be available worldwide via Exact. The strength of this EDI module is that it completes transactions within the database of Exact Globe, where creating new messages is very easy to implement.

Visit Optimizers.nl

Preactor Logo

Exact's partnership with Preactor Systems serves to offer customers a best-of-breed production planning and scheduling solution. The Preactor solutions make it possible to generate the best possible production schedule, even in complex environments. It is available as an add-on to Exact Globe.

Visit Preactor.com

Tu Delft Logo

Exact has a long-term relationship with the Technical University of Delft. The strategic collaboration focuses on exchanging knowledge and expertise to develop new technologies, products and services. Both organizations are located in Technopolis, an innovation and technology hub in Delft. In addition to sharing a common vision in terms of innovation, research and technology and a common goal in working towards delivering real value added to businesses, they both have a clear focus on helping entrepreneurs.

Visit TU Delft.nl (NL)