Doing business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Our CSR vision in a nutshell

At Exact we realize that doing what we do has an impact that goes beyond our direct customers. It has an impact on the people who work for and with us, on the planet as a whole and on the communities of which we are part.

We therefore strive to ensure that with our operations we have the most positive effect we can, while reducing any negative effects to the absolute minimum. We define corporate social responsibility as doing business ethically and in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, while safeguarding growth and profit in line with the expectations of our stakeholders.

Socially responsible entrepreneurs

As a leading provider of business software, we help businesses improve the way they operate, stimulating new ways of working and new partnerships. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we support our customers in growing their businesses by embracing collaboration and building sustainable relationships. Together we can become socially responsible entrepreneurs.


In our Corporate Social Responsibility Review 2011 you will find a summary of the activities we have developed and the progress we made. You can read the entire review online using the link below.

View the review online